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Transforming Life Chances in AfricaSecure, Sustainable, Ethical IT reuse

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Who We Are1Camara Education sets up eLearning centres in schools in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia and trains teachers and local staff to use and maintain them. We achieve this thanks to generous funders, and also by working with companies around the world to recycle surplus or end-of-life computers and other IT equipment. Camara exists because we believe the world would be a better place if all young people were empowered through innovative education to create the life they want to lead.

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2What We DoSince our foundation in 2005, we have installed more than 130,000 computers in over 12,000 schools. We estimate that these have helped 4 million children become digitally literate. That means they leave school with the skills needed to flourish in a digital world. They can type. They can create text documents and spreadsheets. They can use a computer for research. We operate four Education Hubs in Africa – in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. These operate as independent social enterprises serving local market needs through a sustainable business model.

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Working with Camara achieves both social and environmental impact: reducing waste and emissions around IT disposal, and delivering transformative digital education.We believe that prolonging the life of computer equipment through refurbishment and reuse is a vital step towards sustainability and protecting the natural environment. In Africa, our hubs strive to become innovative leaders in e-waste management. Why WeDo It3

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IT Asset DispositionWe work with leading third-party ITAD partners internationally to ensure that your equipment is processed to the highest standards of data and physical security . Your computers are wiped clean using the latest Blancco data-destruction technology. We provide certificates of erasure for each asset.4We collect your surplus or end-of-life IT equipment at a time and date that suits you. Our partners are able to collect and guarantee the same high standards in most major business centres around the world.

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Corporate ResponsibilityWe can help to meet your organisation’s corporate responsibility objectives by developing a mutually beneficial partnership while you support a great cause.As well as donating IT equipment, there are many ways that companies can support our work, from one-off projects to adopting your very own individual school in Africa.We work closely with CSR and Marketing teams to ensure positive press and brand reputation.Our Impact54,400,000 Children12500Schools134,000 PCs Installed65,000 Teachers Trained

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Children leave schoolequipped for the digitalworld. It is transformative!Local social enterprises set upspecialist classrooms and trainteachersFully certified and environmentallyfriendlyCollected at a date and time tosuit youYOUR OLD COMPUTERSDATA ERASURE &RECYCLINGLIVES TRANSFORMEDAFRICAN HUB6

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Funders andDonors7

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ContactDetails8Camara Education UK Limited is registered with the Charities Commission (1135540) in England and Wales.Camara Education Ltd. Is a registered charity in Ireland (Registered number 20062088) irlcomputers@camara.orgusacomputers@camara.orgCamara Education Inc is a registered 501(c)3 organization (EIN 38304011) in the USA .

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Transforming Lives